Stoking the Fires of Resistance - A Musical History of the US War on the Iraqi People Stoking the Fires of Resistance, is a collaborative album of music from a wide variety of performers and activists from across the U.S. and U.K. All proceeds go to Voices in the Wilderness

Voices in the Wilderness has been working to lift the sanctions against Iraq. In the face of recent threats against Iraq, they have initiated an “Iraq Peace Team” plan. Since September 2002, seasoned nonviolent activists have been on the ground in Iraq standing in solidarity with the people of Iraq while at the same time working to prevent a US attack.

Sanctions: Myth & Reality - from Voices in the Wilderness
Information on the Iraq Peace Team

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The following artists are featured:

Anne Feeney:   Shell Game
Dana Lyons:   Lubricate the Red, White and Blue
Sue Jeffers:   Yelling for War
Ben Grosscup:   Why Did You Do This To Us? and Couple of Seconds for the Iraqis?
Dove 2000:   Miriam's Song
Patrick Dodd:   Prayer From The Rubble
Sara Thomsen:   Is It For Freedom
Jessica Sundin:   I Remember
Charlie King:   The War Has Been Coming Home
Colleen Kattau:   Caravan
Utah Phillips:   Yellow Ribbon
David Rovics:   Terror in the Skies and Contras, Kings and Generals
Mike Miles:   Playing God in Baghdad
Voices:   Wake Up
Minna Bromberg:   Madeleine
Samsara:   I Painted Peace

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